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1 Adaptive Multiple Antenna Techniques Using HFSS Simulator Shambhunath Sahani, Shubham Singh, Sitam Singh, Bhagirathi Prajapati, Prof:-Mr. Devidas Chikhale - Download
2 Use of Phase Change Materials to Improve the Performance in Direct Cool Refrigerators Akshata Namjoshi, Yash Gokhale, Kavita Dhanawade - Download
3 Kiosk Helper For Railway Reservation Prof. Jayendra S. Jadhav, Dr. Renu Wasu - Download
4 Missing Child Identification Using Face Recognition System Rohit Satle, Vishnuprasad Poojary, John Abraham, Mrs. Shilpa Wakode - Download
5 Green Supply Chain Management – An Overview Matey Shweta Vishal, Sarode Avinash - Download
6 Application Of Electro-Mechanical Actuator For Switchgear Mechanism Testing Dr.ChandraBabu D. , Akshay Kothawade, , Akshay Mane, Kaustubh Mokadam, Mani Mishra - Download
7 Stress Analysis of Composite Material using ANSYS Ravindra I. Patil , S.S Pawar , Renu Wasu - Download
8 Self-Adjusting computation for Twitter Sentiment Analysis Amin Nagiwale, Manish R. Umale - Download
9 Ticket: Smartphone Enabled Secure Access to Multiple Entities (SESAME) Harshalee D. Korde, Jyoti More - Download
10 Exoskeleton Arm With Pneumatic Muscle Actuation Yash Manian, Smit Modi, Tanmay Chandak, Shubham Gupta, Sheeba P. S. - Download
11 Inventory Management System in a Small Business Enterprise Rizwan Hasan, Dr. Avinash Sarode, Renu Wasu - Download
12 A Literature Overview on Green Supply Chain Management and Critical Factors Avinash Sarode, Shreeshailyasiddha Kole - Download
13 Short Term Load Forecasting Using Wavelet And Ann Ms. Ranjana v. Wasu, Ms. Madhuri Samuel - Download
14 Big Data And K-Means Clustering Vishakha Mehendale, Shital Dhamal - Download
15 An Investigation into the Compatibility of CAM Tools with CNC Machines to Facilitate Interchangeability and Accessibility Durvas Naik , Vinayak Chavan, Elamthendral Sengunthar, Sachin Salunkhe, Dr. J. J. Dange - Download
16 Solar Trackers an emerging need for future Solar Power growth in India Dattaraj Pawar, Dr. Ajit A. Shringarpure - Download
17 Common Effluent Treatment Plant: Current Scenario and Challenges in India K. A.Chitnis, Dr. Mrs. A.K.Khambete - Download
18 Design and Fabrication of a Self Balancing Transportation Device Vighnesh Shetty,Harsh Shah,Shuvojit Sen,Nilesh Ghongade - Download

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